With 23 years of continual business, it’s not hard to see why we appreciate our 2020 Distinguished Customer: Volm Companies / Plaspack USA, inc. Today we wanted to share the story of their relationship with ANCI, Inc. and the success they’ve seen using our signature CLAF® nonwoven mesh material as part of their stellar lineup of packaging products.

Volm’s History of Quality

A family business since 1954, Volm Companies began as a family-run grocery and hardware supply store serving dairy and potato farmers in Bryant, Wisconsin.

Realizing that locals needed a reliable source of burlap to get their products to market, Gerald Volm shifted his focus to packaging. Eventually, Volm began working with other bag companies, expanding the business and moving their operation to Antigo, Wisconsin.

Decades of growth and change following the needs of the industry led Volm to where they are today, providing packaging and equipment solutions to the produce industry and beyond.

A Proven Material for a New Facility

And they do provide a variety of packaging solutions – with creative concepts that apply familiar materials in new ways. That’s precisely why they came to ANCI, Inc. back in 1998.

Volm was opening a new plant under the Freshtech brand name, equipped to produce mesh bags – both tubed mesh bags and their innovative Half-N-Half® poly/mesh products. They needed a mesh material that was strong, unique, and proven in the market.

CLAF® fit the bill, with easy processing, a unique structure, and highly-customizable color. Any produce that Volm customers would need bagged could now be clad in strong, colorful, eye-catching mesh – setting their products apart in the produce aisle.

A Strong Partnership, Every Day

Our relationship with Volm is going strong 23 years later, and we couldn’t be more pleased. From our plant managers to our sales and marketing teams, we keep in close contact with Volm throughout the entire production process – keeping them apprised with regular updates. As Volm COO Michael Hunter II puts it:

“It’s easy to get what you need from ANCI. At Volm, we give ANCI a rolling forecast of our customers’ needs and they produce to that, with weekly updates on production. They make it easy to keep up with the quickly changing produce market; the main colors of CLAF® are always available, and our customers get what they need when they need it.”

It helps that CLAF® continues to be a quality packaging product – strong, customizable, and easy to work with. Volm even produces packaging with our newest CLAF® Biobased Fabric™ – a version of CLAF® created with renewable, recyclable, biobased resins.

We’re proud to work with such an amazing company, and we’re looking forward to the years to come. Here’s to 23 years! To learn more about Volm Companies, visit their website here. To find out more about CLAF®, CLAF® Biobased Fabric™, and other ANCI, Inc. products, visit us at

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