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CLAF® fabric is a cross laminated polyolefin open mesh nonwoven which is used by itself for packaging and as a reinforcement for paper, film, foil, foams, and other nonwovens. Each strand is highly oriented and heat sealable, so CLAF® fabrics run well in many packaging and lamination processes.

Up to 70% open area for breathable applications

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The high processability of CLAF® is achieved by its excellent dimensional stability. CLAF® is an open mesh nonwoven that runs identical to a film in various processing methods. Each strand that makes up CLAF® is highly oriented and heat-sealable making it perfect for lamination and bonding processes.


CLAF®’s unique structure of MD and CD strands creates superior strength and has achieved balanced tear resistance in both strand directions while remaining thin and light. Additional performance benefits of CLAF® include high breathability, permeability, translucency, and resistance to water and chemicals.

Various Colors and Weights

Available in 12 colors and various weights, CLAF® has a solution for any application. Weights of CLAF® range from 18 gsm to our heaviest 42 gsm product to fit the needs of the application. Custom weights are also possible.

The various colors of CLAF® are the perfect option for packaging solutions to match fruit and vegetable colors or to differentiate your brand with the corresponding CLAF® color.


Our metalized CLAF® is made with foil or other metalized films. It is lightweight and available in multiple constructions (OPP, PET, LDPE) and widths. The integrated CLAF® strands give all our Metaclaf™ extra reinforcement for durability.

Applications for Metaclaf™ include radiant barriers, cold storage/packaging, HVAC tapes, pipe wraps, radiant flooring, and other building and construction products. The highly customizable features of Metaclaf™ allow us to meet the demands of industries across the board.

Double CLAF®

For applications that require higher reinforcement strength, double CLAF® is available. Due to CLAF®’s ability to be laminated successfully to itself, rolls of double laminated CLAF® can be made to increase the material’s weight, strength, and resistance for applications that need extra durability.

CLAF® Bio Fabric™

CLAF® is also available as a sustainable alternative made entirely of 96% bio-based materials. As opposed to a traditional polyethylene or polypropylene mesh, CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is made from sugar cane, a renewable and sustainable source. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is USDA biobased certified and 100% recyclable.

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