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CLAF® is a nonwoven product with superior processability, reliable strength, and a unique appearance. Our CLAF® mesh is manufactured in a highly sophisticated process that ensures quality in every roll. CLAF® is proudly MADE IN THE USA.

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About CLAF®

CLAF® fabric is a cross laminated polyolefin open mesh nonwoven which is used by itself for packaging and as a reinforcement for paper, film, foil, foams and other nonwovens. Each strand is highly oriented and heat sealable, so CLAF® fabrics run well in many packaging and lamination processes.

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Processing and Performance

CLAF® is a one of a kind nonwoven with a high-performance profile. CLAF® offers flexibility in processing with its thin and flat profile which allows for high speed processing qualities. The reinforcement, stability and unique structure of CLAF® promotes the development of a wide variety of end-use products.

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Applications With CLAF®

CLAF® fabric provides practical answers to tough challenges in various industries worldwide.

The versatility of CLAF® and its capabilities provides benefits in industries where superior strength and engineering are needed. From creating packaging materials to developing medical products CLAF® has played a key role in the development of innovative products around the world.

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How Can CLAF® Help You?

CLAF® has played a role in the nonwovens industry as well as in numerous innovative product developments from start to finish. With CLAF®, new products and ideas are a step closer to reaching premium quality and strength and can help your product exceed expectations.

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