When it comes to bagged fruits and vegetables, there’s a lot of opportunity to put your produce on the top of the pile with a simple upgrade to your packaging. An alluring or striking color, a perfect label, and even the bag material itself could be the difference between a sale and a pass on fresh produce. Here’s some of what we’ve learned from decades helping produce packers make an impact on their business from where it counts – on the shelf.

Transparency and Real Added Value

Customers are savvy, and their understanding and personal preferences play a serious role in their produce aisle decisions. Even packaging is under heavy scrutiny, which is why the package you choose should add value to the shopping experience. In addition to structural functionality like breathability and strength, customers are looking for materials that meet their standards. Recyclability and sustainability can go a long way in your product marketing, especially in the produce aisle. A sustainably-produced mesh that’s strong, breathable, and visually appealing – like CLAF® Biobased Fabric™ – can give your packaging the edge it needs, especially if you combine it with our next tip and call it out on the label!

Using Outstanding Labels

Because customers are more tuned in than ever on their food decisions, your label plays an important role in getting your product into the basket. A great label includes thoughtful design to match your brand, but also the right amount of information. If there is something to point out about your packaging, such as functionality or sustainability, your label is the place to do it. Additionally, your label should readily adhere to the material you’re using. Thanks to the unique makeup and flat design of CLAF®, it’s easy to heat-seal, laminate, or otherwise bond your label to the package with no disturbance to your packing process.

Color-coordinated packaging

One more tip: the color of your produce packaging is key. There’s no one way to choose for every piece of produce, though. Whether you’d like to use something that fits with your brand colors and looks uniform, or that matches and enhances the color of the produce itself, we have a CLAF® color that fits the bill. Our 12 different colors will help your products stand out on the shelf, no matter where in the produce section they are.

Use Truly Great Packaging

For packaging that stands up to transportation and stands out in the aisle, a simple upgrade is all you need to get in front of customers. CLAF® and CLAF® Biobased Fabric™ offer the flexibility and functionality to make it easy and elevate your product. Learn more about our unique mesh products, reach out to an expert in nonwoven mesh today!

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