In the produce aisle, customer attention can be the difference between a sale and a pass on your product. Your bag material plays a large part in capturing customer attention – but there are several other factors tied to your bags that make their way into a customer choice! Poly bags have a number of pitfalls that are easy to see in the produce aisle, but are all-mesh bags really better? Read on and find out.

Poly VS All-Mesh, Which to Use?

Vented plastic bags provide a clear window to your produce, but that’s about it. Trapped condensation from travel, flimsy packaging, and tears from handling all threaten the integrity of produce in a vented poly bag. That could impact your product’s image – or even compromise the actual quality of the produce. At a basic level, mesh bags allow breathability, provide supreme durability, and showcase your produce more naturally – but there are mesh bags that do much more than that available! Take a look at the difference that ANCI CLAF® and D-Net® makes in produce packaging.

D-Net® and CLAF® Bags

We offer multiple different meshes that really show off your product and make for eye-catching produce bags. D-Net®, our durable, FDA compliant, netting comes in 12 vibrant colors, multiple weights, and can be sized to your requirements. Where D-Net® is a high-quality classic mesh, CLAF® is the next evolution.

CLAF® is produced as a cross-laminated mesh. Its low profile and high lamination capabilities mean that it’s compatible with heat sealing processes. It’s immensely durable, with excellent dimensional stability for high-speed processing. CLAF® creates a unique look for your packaging that helps your product stand out with multiple colors.

CLAF® Bio Fabric™

This new mesh is a USDA Certified Biobased Product made with 96% biobased material. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ features the same design as CLAF®, but is made with resins derived from sugarcane – a highly renewable resource. Plus, it’s 100% recyclable. Reach eco-conscious consumers and help your product stand out even further!

See the Difference For Yourself

We offer samples of CLAF® and D-Net® for anyone interested in making their product more appealing in the produce section. Discover the real difference that mesh packaging makes over poly bags, reach out to ANCI Inc. and learn more about our unique mesh materials.

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