Produce Packaging

Our CLAF® fabric offers numerous solutions for packaging worldwide. The various colors available give packers the chance to differentiate their brand or match colors to fruits or vegetables that are being packaged. With the superior strength of CLAF®, packaging solutions become resistant and durable while maintaining breathability.

Building Products

CLAF® provides practical answers to challenges typically faced in the construction industry. Our material has been incorporated with building and construction materials as reinforcement and for drainage control in a variety of products such as housewraps, roofing underlays, radiant barriers, and other useful composites.

Papers & Envelopes

Specialty papers and envelopes can be made with CLAF® to withstand heavy use and increase their moisture resistance. With CLAF® simple Kraft papers are transformed into tough and durable composites without compromising the integrity or printing quality of the papers.

Cold Supply Chain/Storage

The reinforcing properties of CLAF® make it perfect for solutions in the cold supply chain.  The durability needed to maintain products such as pharmaceuticals cold throughout storage and transportation is found by minimizing risks of rips and tears in the insulating composites.

Sycltex™ (Print Media)

Print media with vibrant and high-quality printing capabilities has been achieved through Sycltex™. Our fully recyclable print media is incorporated with CLAF® to add durability and structure to the material, making it sturdy and reliable for banners, point of purchase marketing and more.


The added protection achieved from CLAF® provides durability and strength to medical applications such as personal protective equipment and wound care. CLAF® is suitable for various medical applications as it is water and chemical resistant and made with FDA food grade resin.


CLAF® is the pioneer of automotive seat silencers which reduces the noise generated by the friction between urethane foam and metal frame. CLAF® creates a barrier between the two surfaces eliminating the “squeak”. CLAF® can also be applied within the foam mold to provide additional reinforcement to the finished foam pad. CLAF® is also used as an adhesive support material for seat heating systems.


  • Furniture and Bedding
  • Tapes
  • Agricultural films (BerryCool®)
  • Kitchen drainage net

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