CLAF® Frequently Asked Questions

Can CLAF® be recycled?

Yes, CLAF® made in the US is composed entirely out of Polyethylene making it possible to be fully recycled in PE recycling streams.

Can CLAF® be bonded to other materials? 

Yes, because CLAF® is made entirely with polyethylene resins – it can be bonded thermally to other PE-based materials such as films, foams, etc. CLAF® can also be thermally laminated to other materials like papers and foils. We also offer converting capabilities through our ANCI Composites location in Dalton, GA. Here we have the capabilities to thermal, sonic, and powder bond CLAF® to other materials.

Can CLAF® be produced using other polymers? 

Yes, CLAF® can be made with PP (polypropylene) in various widths and styles.

Can CLAF® be slit to width?

Yes, CLAF® is made in 113” widths and narrower widths can be achieved through a slitting process.

How is CLAF® different from other types of netting, scrims, and nonwovens?

CLAF® differs from other nonwoven netting and scrims because it is a lightweight and flat structure that behaves like a film during processing. This gives CLAF® the capability to heat seal and laminate easily to other poly films, papers, and itself.

Where is CLAF® manufactured?

CLAF® is manufactured in our Roanoke, Alabama facility (MADE in USA). We also have capabilities at our sister facility in Narita, Japan.

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